As I look around the world and news, my heart breaks. Mass shootings, stress, anxiety, and living on the edge of our breaking point have become common place. The mental state of our country is not good. Worse yet, ministry leaders have found themselves in the headlines all too often. Last fall, we lost a pastor to suicide. Repeatedly, ministry leaders are exposed for misconducts of many different forms. Ministry leaders are suffering, living on thin ice, and gutting out each day. The state of our ministry leaders is also not good. Out of fear, ministry leaders bury their pain and small missteps. Over time they feel isolated, which leads to bigger missteps. Those missteps create more guilt. Guilt provides an incubator for depression. If anyone really knew what was happening, ministry leaders feel they would be asked to resign so they bury their pain even deeper.

In reality, we are all broken people walking around with wounds we sustained. The standard for ministry leaders needs to shift from perfection to pursuing growth and healing. God placed it on our hearts to create a safe place and community where youth ministry leaders can break the bondage of isolation, heal their wounds, and discover their true self that God made them to be. By helping these leaders achieve healing and wholeness in Christ, we free them to lead their best ministry and fulfill the calling placed on their life.

Out of carefully discerning God’s calling, Youth Ministry Connections formed. We invite you join us on this journey. If you’re a youth ministry leader, connect with us today. Let’s begin this journey together and let us become your biggest advocate in life and ministry. We want to equip you to lead a healthy life and a healthy ministry. You’re not alone! Take the first step today and send us a message or sign up for our service.

If you are not a youth leader, we still need you. First, take a minute to send an encouraging message, email, or note to a youth leader in your life. Let them know they are not alone. Second, consider sponsoring your youth leader to receive coaching and support through Youth Ministry Connections. Finally, we covet your prayers as we begin this journey to help youth leaders to lead a healthy life and healthy ministry. If you’re praying for us, leave us a comment or send us a message. We would love to keep you up to date on how you can pray for specific needs.

Grace and Peace Be with You!